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AF "THE DIVIDE" (2024)

AF Vertical Poster.jpg

Civil War has ravaged the nation; the federal government is gone, states exists as sovereign state nations.  In the wake of chaos, a new power, “New Colonia” emerges, keen on uniting the former U.S. under their banner and the protection of their "Garrison" military and the privately held SWARM security forces!  Those who resist band together and form the “RSS or Resistant Sovereign States” to fight against New Colonia. The RSS creates a special military unit, an "Action Force" to help fight!

Director: Scott Waugh

Producer: Bobby Vala | Mario Torres

Writer: M. Torres | B. Vala | G. Lima

Language: English

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $125M

Cast Attached: Various

Status: Pre-Production

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