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Director: TBD

Producer: Mario Torres

Writer: Robert Boris

Language: English

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $25-30M

Cast Attached: TBD

Status: Script

Ain't No Heroes Vertical.png

A non-stop Action/Comedy set in the Sahara during WWII that catapults our three reluctant heroes into a relationship of necessity, self-preservation and self-interest!


AIN’T NO HEROES is an  ode to the great American Wartime and Action Comedies of the past.


The script was written for and with Richard Pryor’s input as a follow up to SOME KIND OF HERO!

Disclaimer: The cast, talent and or actors depicted on the poster or images herein are FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.  Any cast, talent or actors attached to the to the project shall be listed above, if any. 

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