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Director: TBD

Producer: Mario Torres

Writer: J.D. LOUIS JR.

Language: English

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $10-15M

Cast Attached: TBD

Status: Script

Block Magic - Vertical.png

BLOCK MAGIC is an American reality television competition that places some of the  best magicians, mind-readers, hypnotist and illusionist in the country under one roof to compete for a chance to win their own Las Vegas show.


Watch as these talented individuals  perform inexplicable feats of magic, hypnosis, illusion and mind-reading on Street Blocks and get a behind the scenes glimpse of the success, struggles and secrets of a full-time performer.


No camera tricks, smoke and  mirrors, gimmicks, or production edits just raw, unapologetic in your face performances with real-time audience reactions and judging; proving that on the BLOCK is where the MAGIC happens!

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